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Ballasted Turnout Bearers

Brief Description and Application:
Based on the project requirements, these pre-stressed bearers are made to either Australian AS 1085.14 or European EN 13230. It can be made to both meter and standard gauges, with independent tests and verifications by accredited third parties with ISO 17025 in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and South Africa.

This product is made to highest international specifications with periodic inspections and witnessing by the Clients. Our track records spans across three countries in the South-East Asian region: Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. It was also included in the first diamond crossings on Malaysian tracks.

Projects & Clients:
MRT1 & MRT2 (Malaysia), KTMB (Malaysia), LRTs in Malaysia, Ho Chi Minh City Metro (Vietnam), and various Singapore projects: C9062, T250A, C850E, C190 ITTC, R150, J150