International standards

To meet market challenges and demands, our production system has been designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Economical and functional
  • A “tried and tested” system
  • Low maintenance
  • Efficient utilization of resources
  • Low reject rate

Mastrak Sdn Bhd is Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 certified, with validity until 2 Nov 2020 (cert no. Q878088-1).

Quality Assurance

To ensure that all our products are of high quality and meets the most stringent international standards, Mastrak Sdn Bhd had always conducted various tests, which involve both internal in-house test facilities, along with by certified third parties.

For our internal tests, all our testing and measuring equipment are periodically calibrated and verified by external parties, such as SIRIM.

All the data recorded and test results are compiled as per ISO requirement, providing complete tracibility for each of our individual products. These records are also kept with the relevant MTO details on cement and PC wires used.

Certain types of internal tests:

  • Sieve analysis of the sizes of aggregates, and sand used for making concrete
  • Thermo-probe (temperature and RH) data recording process during steam curing
  • Compression tests
    1. o prior to transfer,
    1. o after 7 days,
    1. o after 28 days
  • Dimensional control tests and measurements
    1. o Length
    1. o Height
    1. o Hogging test
    1. o Dowel inclination
    1. o Wire positions
    1. o Soffit width
    1. o Inclination, and Twisting
  • Load Test (Positive Center Vertical, Negative Center Vertical)

Certain types of tests conducted by third external parties:

  • Test of water quality and chemical admixtures used for making concrete
  • Positive Bending Moment Test
  • Cyclic Loading test (of 3-million load cycles)
  • Negative Bending Moment Test
  • Fatigue Test
  • Dowel Pull-Out Test

These external tests will be done by third parties agreed by the Clients, such as DNV GL, and other test facilities in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and South Africa.

Besides that, Mastrak had a policy of inviting the Client and with their consultants to witness testing and conduct inspection prior to product deliveries. Should the need arises, we will also try to arrange for the presence of our foreign technical expert to be present during inspection.