The Pre-Stressed Concrete Sleeper, Guardrail and Turnout Bearer

Mastrak production system uses the long line system, measuring 120 metres in length with steel moulds to manufacture monolithic concrete pre-stressed sleeper and turnout bearers. The technology used for turnout bearers is made in collaboration with Voestalpine VAE GmbH, while the one used for mainline sleepers is from Abetong AB. The designs of the mould are made based on specific Client’s requirements, along with the feedbacks from the fastening provider. We only use the best cement and PC wire, as we believe in quality par excellence. This assures a high quality over the entire bed as the same controlled pre-stressing force is transferred to all the sleepers/bearers.

Concrete is cured in the steel moulds to give the absolute best performing sleeper/bearers in terms of a very close tolerance of the sleeper shape, rails gauge, a smooth and nice surface finish. This will provide high life expectancy in spite of harsh weather conditions. The mixing of concrete is made in a pan-mixer of suitable capacity.

The sleepers are cut to a flush finish using a diamond cutter. Overall the system is mechanized to a degree to strike a balance between capital and labour cost to manufacture high quality product with minimum skilled workers demand. Mastrak Sdn Bhd was the first in Malaysia to utilize a diamond cutter. This, along with many other innovations is testaments to our commitment to continuous process and product improvements.

At each stage of production, data are recorded and will be submitted together with the finished products, along with results of tests undertaken by Mastrak’s internal QC Department and independent verifiable third parties. These tests are conducted in accordance with the requirements outlined by the relevant international standards, such as Australian Standard AS 1085.14

Mastrak’s production rate is 17,000 sleepers per month.

Mastrak is also capable of producing 4,000 metres of turnout bearers in a month.